Successful businesses do these 10 things

blog / February 21, 2018


  1. Planning is key to success. If you know what you are targeting you are most likely to hit the mark. A Business plan sets your foundation in the business world. With regular reviewing and tweaking, you will build a successful, well run business.





  1. Delegation is the key to a healthy work versus life balance and yes it is true no one can do it like you can. Thinking that someone can do it better than you might be a little scary too. There are so many things that needs to be done daily when running your own business that often we are too busy to take a few minutes to delegate. Know the worth of your time and you decide what is really worth it.


  1. Marketing breathes life into any company. Introducing your business to your potential market allows you the opportunity to learn and develop your brand. Promote you and your business anywhere and everywhere. Network 2015 with so many free marketing tools to choose from, there are no excuses to not have a marketing plan. Join networking business communities, hey start a blog and if you still have not gotten bitten by the social media bug then where have you been living. Register your business on a social media site, any social media site right now.



  1. Change can be intimidating. It is OKAY to be wrong just as long as we still have the wisdom to know the difference and strength to pick up the pieces and rebuild. Be open to change. Educate yourself about the latest technological advances in your field of business. 


  1. Equip you and your staff. You cannot send a soldier onto the battle field without his armor and weapons likewise you need to equip your staff with the right tools to get the job done efficiently and cost effectively.


  1. Budget & SAVE. Take time to do the math regularly. Is it worth your investment? Budgeting will save the business money so make the right choice.


  1. B2B Blessed to be a blessing. Give back to your community if not in cash than in time. The more you give, the more you get so put you and your business where it can be seen and appreciated.


  1. Schedule “ME” time. You know the saying ‘If you won’t invest in yourself, who will?’ Remember you are the face of your company. You sell you first and then your brand.




  1. Set realistic goals. Rome was not built in a day. Take stock of your business daily.


  1. Communicate with your team, your customers, your suppliers, your network and update the status of your business. Remember you all are investing in the same thing. You are one team.



This year you determine the profit you make,

how successful you are and the life you want to live.

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Nivesh Mahadeo, Managing Director of ATB Consultants (Pty) Ltd, Accounting - Taxation - Business

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