Statutory Business Registrations

blog / Registrations / January 4, 2018

Statutory Registrations

Statutory Registrations are a very important part of running your business legally.


1. Companies Intellectual Property Commission ( CIPC ) Registration:

  • Company Registration 


2. South African Revenue Services ( SARS ) Registrations:


  • Company Income Tax
  • Provisional Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax (V.A.T) if Turnover exceeds R1million or Voluntary Registration under R1million 
  • Pay As You Earn (P.A.Y.E)
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund (U.I.F)
  • Skills Development Levy (S.D.L) 


3. Labour Department Registrations: 


  • Registration as an Employer
  • Employee Registration
  • Workman’s Compensation Act (W.C.A)

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