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Day of Year / March 7, 2018

Small businesses often find it difficult to “be heard” in the marketplace. Which in turn makes it difficult to reach the success that is required to make it a profitable sustainable business.

Business Mentor Shannon Cherry founded National Be Heard Day in 2004 to help small businesses stand up and be heard.

It is exciting starting a new business especially if you doing something that you love. The reality comes in getting your message out there in the world and bringing the paying customers into your business.

Local and small businesses are sometimes not even noticed by those who live near them because of this.

Her goal for Be Heard Day reportedly is to make it a “give away day”, a day where business and professionals offer their services and knowledge for free. Being able to get advice from these professionals could mean the difference between complete failure or glorious success for some small businesses.


How to Celebrate Be Heard Day

This is what had to say which I think is absolutely great:

“There are some great ways to celebrate Be Heard Day and it doesn’t matter if you own a business or not! If you are a business owner, the best way for you to celebrate is to grab your favorite search engine and get to Ms. Cherry’s site for this year and sign up! The ability to receive thousands of dollars’ worth of advice is too good to pass up!
Another way to celebrate is to make time to sit down and objectively look over the marketing plan you are currently working with. See if you are being creative enough to cut through all the other marketing going on in your area. Should you try to use different types of marketing? These questions and more that she offers can lead to greater success!

Don’t own a business? Don’t worry! You can celebrate Be Heard Day and have fun at the same time! Grab the family and get out on the town! Find those small businesses in your community that you haven’t had time to stop by yet. Have a fun day of shopping and helping to support your community. Learning where these great businesses are is only part of the fun. There is nothing better than a great day of shopping, and seeing friends along the way. Ok, maybe there is… you could make new friends as you check out the shops!

Consumer or Owner, Be Heard Day is a great time to make connections. Thanks to Shannon Cherry, there are many options for advice that previously may not have been available to those who are following their dream running a small business.

Be a part of the day and post on social media using #BeHeardDay to show how you are taking part!”

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Nivesh Mahadeo, Managing Director of ATB Consultants (Pty) Ltd, Accounting - Taxation - Business

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